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Classified Project Execution for typical Pharmaceutical and Hospital Clean Room applications

Cleanrooms are of paramount importance in pharmaceuticals, hospitals, defense, microelectronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology industries. Such environmentally controlled spaces become a vehicle for airborne contaminants to travel and contaminate the landscape of infectious diseases.
Cleanrooms are specially constructed to control the concentration of such particles. These projects are classified and abide by strict regulatory norms to control indoor air quality and standard operation procedure.
Our team of HVAC professionals have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the cleanroom precepts. They ensure the system controls the room temperature, humidity, airflow streams, room pressurization, filtration, and many more details.
Apart from that, these professionals are highly skilled in system equipment and instrument control to ensure they follow the exact precepts defined by the Federal Industry Standard 209 and ISO 14644-1.

Design & Consultancy and Planning Services for HVAC & Building Management Controls

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. When all three elements are combined, a desired environment is built which is feasible for different operations and procedures. The Design, Consultancy, and Planning of HVAC at Grenesys offers you the best system execution you will find.
In addition to comfort and energy efficiency, we ensure that our designs are fitted perfectly in space restricted areas. The air tunnels are nicely covered and located at either the roof or hidden at the floor.
We offer customized and extensive planning and consultancy for each project. Whether it be a commercial or an industrial complex, adhering to the safety guidelines and building an environment devoid of contaminants is of paramount importance at Grenesys.
Furthermore, our plan covers building management and system maintenance to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

System Maintenance, System Operations & Services

Nearly every HVAC system demands half of the energy source consumed by the building. With our advanced engineering, HVAC systems at Grenesys are energy efficient and environmentally responsible.
These days, installing a HVAC system into the building is a necessity. They keep us warm in the winter and cold in the summer, but without maintenance, system may not offer 100% utility and performance.
Simply setting up a top of line HVAC is not enough, following a timely maintenance routine will extensively prolong its life and efficiency.
The maintenance and service team at Grenesys ensure that your HVAC system is leak-proof all year long to avoid corrosion. All operations are running optimally, dirty coils and filters are cleaned, the system is free of dirt and debris, and many more steps.
These maintenance steps are of paramount importance to ensure that dust and allergens don’t enter the building or the rooms, which will significantly impact air quality and flow.

Project Execution With System Integration (Turn-key solutions)

HVAC systems mainly come in 4 different setups. The Heat and cold split, Duct free, Packaged heat and cold, and hybrid systems. We offer extensive solutions in every integration system covering proper planning, system design, construction, implementation and maintenance of each. The execution process of these systems are cradled by our team of experienced mechanical engineers and technicians aided by the latest 2D and 3D software’s.
We ensure that every HVAC system at Grenesys encompasses the latest communicating smart thermostats and has a combined systems of heat pumps and air purifiers to make the indoor environment breathable and comfortable.
Furthermore, our systems are integrated with the more advanced control and communication protocols. These complex integrations are made-easy with our system parameters. Technicians are easily able to review their sensor readings, compressor status, Electronic expansion valve position [EV], operation mode, etc.


Mechanical ventilation is very important, especially in closed spaces such as basements, commercial kitchens, closed parking, warehouses, industrial buildings, etc. These spaces are more likely to accumulate heat and humidity.
When left without proper ventilation, the heat starts to expand and over-pressurize or depressurize the room making it hard to breathe, or turning the breathable air foul and smelly.
HVAC systems in these spaces offers a loop of constant circulation of throwing out fouled air and replacing it with fresh breathable air. The ventilation system in HVAC is built with air ducts, return vents, air handler, and blower assembly.
When all these system work in tandem, they create a loop of “Mechanical Ventilation” which then reduces heat and humidity of the room. At Grenesys, we offer customized ventilation solutions as well as turnkey basis based on each individual customer requirement.

Energy Audits with Retrofit solutions for efficiency enhancement

HVAC systems using a large majority of energy can be detrimental, however still, almost every HVAC system uses upto 39% of the total energy consumption. The one’s you get at Grenesys are environmental friendly and green.
Energy is a pertinent resource, and we ensure that our systems use as much less energy as it could and still work 100% efficiently. We offer a timely scheduled energy audit which boosts the efficiency of your system as well.
These audits helps the company asses its total resource consumption in order to maintain a sustained development and increase ROI [Return On Investment].
We offer retrofit solutions in every aspect of our offer and ensure that our customers are able to afford advanced HVAC systems that are configured with smart mechanics.

Technician Safety Protocols

At Grenesys, technician safety is of prime importance with precept protocols. Our technicians are trained extensively before landing on a client site to ensure we avoid and minimize safety issues.
These protocols include protective gear, standard tools, able to identify hazards, practice chemical safety, and how to avoid shock. These practices train them for prompt and vigilant responses making sure our work is done error-free.
Such safety measures are synonymous in every aspect of our work, be it the company work place or a client site. The safety protocols are mandatory not only to the technicians, but also the sub-contractors and people present on work site.
While as important as safety is, our employee health is also of great importance to us. Mandatory health and safety policies are comprehensively explained as part of our safety manual during the hiring process, which can also be shared on demand.