Environmental, Health and Safety


EHS Policy Statement

  1. bullet-12-8 Committed to High standard of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Performance.
  2. bullet-12-8 Safety, which dwells synonymous with our work is well adhered to in every aspect of our work.
  3. bullet-12-8 Being proactive rather than reactive is the safety approach we follow at Grenesys.
  4. bullet-12-8 Developed best in standard practices to minimize safety related issues and occurrences at both the work place as well as at our client’s site.
  5. bullet-12-8 To take account of environment, occupational health and safety in planning
  6. bullet-12-8 Manage EHS risk and performance effectively and improve our EHS Performance.
  7. bullet-12-8 Motivate our employees to work in a safe and environmentally responsible Manner.
  8. bullet-12-8 Prompt and vigilant employees and procedures result in error-free practices.