Business Solution

Business Solution


Classified Project Execution for typical Pharmaceutical and Hospital Clean Room applications.

Clean rooms are set-up across industries to protect the manufacturing units from contamination. Clean rooms are implemented across industries like Pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, hospitals and defence.

Pharmaceutical industry abide by strict regulatory norms on the quality control and standard operation procedure. An ideal clean room is where supply , distribution, filtration of clean air and material under process are harnessed under appropriate cleanliness levels under the regulatory guidelines set for the Pharmaceutical industry. Every industry has respective set norms for clean rooms.

Grenesys is involved in offering Classified project execution for Pharmaceutical companies and Hospital Clean room applications. The architecture and complexity of the clean room model depends upon the level of execution required. Different companies have varying level of requirements ranging from the rudimentary to multi-faceted applications. Grenesys offers consultation and implementation on stage wise planning and execution of setting the clean room process. The projects are executed across customised and turnkey basis.


Design & Consultancy and Planning Services for HVAC & Building Management Controls.

HVAC is an important element in designing Industrial and commercial complex, in adhering to the safe building conditions, to control temperature and humidity. (HVAC) Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning, when all the three elements work together a desired environment is built devoid of contaminants and regulates efficient environment feasible for production or operations.

The broad spectrum of services offered by Grenesys under a stipulated plan and time, include system design, consultancy and execution.



The process of removing smoke, bacteria, dust, carbon dioxide rendering clean controlled air. Ventilation services are offered across the following categories-

bullet-12-8 Industrial Ventilation
bullet-12-8 Commercial Kitchen Ventilations
bullet-12-8 Roof Ventilation
bullet-12-8 Basement Ventilation
bullet-12-8 Natural Ventilation
bullet-12-8 Warehouse Ventilation
bullet-12-8 Parking Ventilation

The above services are offered at customised as well as turnkey basis depending on the individual client requirement.


Project Execution With System Integration (Turn-key solutions)


Grenesys offers turnkey solution in HVAC. We offer extensive solutions from plan, design, construction management, implementation and maintenance. The process is cradled under experience hands of mechanical engineers and technicians aided by latest 2D and 3D software. The quality parameter is the constant vigil maintained across all our projects.


System Maintenance, System Operations & Services


Merely setting a complex, state of art HVAC does not solve the purpose. A good HVAC system may not offer 100 % utility or performance if not subjected to timely maintenance. An HVAC system is the lifeline for effective functioning of systems in commercial , industrial setups and demands almost half of the energy source consumed. maintenance is not taken as a pro-active , preventive measure but a reactive measure. Maintenance is taken as an overhead cost and not a mandatory procedure.

An unmaintained HVAC system could welcome failure at systems , procedures and indirectly involve profits at stake.

A regular check on the system operations would offer impeccable working environment , low energy consumption and un-hindered work processes. Also, the changing technology renders improved efficiency and hence calls for regular updating and maintenance.

A planned , comprehensive maintenance will ensure efficient results and operations, no down time and consciously cost cutting.


Energy Audits with Retrofit solutions for efficiency enhancement.

Merely installing high-end systems and procedures does lead to a company’s development, but for sustained development, the companies have to diligently assess the consumption of its resources. Energy as a pertinent resource should be under constant scanner. A timely scheduled energy audit is definitely effective at boosting performance and increasing return-on-investment (ROI).

Energy audits with Retrofit solutions help analyse the current scenario of energy consumption and is a source at enhancing the energy efficiency. Wise, timely planned energy audit now, would help building a good return on investments for the future.

At Grenesys, we have capably delivered retrofit solutions to clients. Our clients have not only successfully implemented new system in the prescribed budget but we have been able to retain their old systems.